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Food Energy: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Food Energy is used for metabolism.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Food Energy Rich Foods for Vegetarians
44%885kcalwheat germ oil (100g)
44%885kcalpeanut oil (100g)
44%885kcalsoybean oil (100g)
44%885kcalolive oil (100g)
44%885kcalpalm oil (100g)
44%885kcalsesame oil (100g)
44%885kcalsunflower oil (100g)
44%885kcalgrapeseed oil (100g)
44%885kcalcorn oil (100g)
44%885kcalwalnut oil (100g)
44%885kcalhazelnut oil (100g)
44%885kcalavocado oil (100g)
44%885kcalcanola oil (100g)
44%885kcalflaxseed oil (100g)
43%863kcalcoconut oil (100g)
36%719kcalmayonnaise (100g)
36%718kcalmacadamia nuts (100g)
36%717kcalbutter, regular (100g)
36%717kcalbutter, whipped (100g)
36%717kcalmargarine (100g)
36%717kcalbutter, unsalted (100g)
36%710kcalroasted pecan nuts (100g)
35%691kcalpecan nuts (100g)
34%673kcalpine nuts (100g)
33%668kcaltartar sauce (100g)
33%660kcaldessicated coconut meat (100g)
33%656kcalbrazilnuts (100g)
33%655kcalwalnuts (100g)
32%646kcalhazelnuts (100g)
32%631kcalhomemade french salad dressing (100g)
31%619kcaltoasted sunflower seed kernels (100g)
30%598kcalroasted almond (100g)
29%585kcalsunflower seed kernels (100g)
29%585kcalpeanuts (100g)
29%581kcalblanched almond (100g)
29%576kcaldried almond (100g)
29%574kcalcashew nuts (100g)
29%573kcalsesame seeds (100g)
29%572kcalpistachio (100g)
28%565kcaltoasted sesame seeds (100g)
28%559kcalpumpkin seed kernels (100g)
28%551kcalpuff pastry (100g)
28%550kcalcandies, milk chocolate with almond bites (100g)
27%541kcalchocolate flavour hazelnut spread (100g)
27%540kcalcandies, dark chocolate coated coffee beans (100g)
27%534kcallinseeds (100g)
26%527kcalchinese noodles (100g)
26%526kcalsnacks, popcorn, cheese (100g)
26%525kcalspices, nutmeg, ground (100g)
26%525kcalspices, poppy seed (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Food Energy Rich Foods for Vegetarians
28%566kcalsoybean kernels (250ml)
23%466kcalfalafel (140g)
21%428kcalnachos with cheese (140g)
21%414kcalbaked beans (250ml)
18%363kcalcaramel sundae (250ml)
17%340kcalspaghetti (215g)
17%334kcalchocolate cream pie (110g)
16%326kcalegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
16%314kcalsoybeans (250ml)
15%293kcalpeanuts (50g)
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